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About PACC

What is the PACC?


The Pakistan American Cultural Center, popularly known as the PACC, is a cultural organization which is bi-national in the true sense of the word. It is a non political, non-profit making body. The PACC has been synonymous with language services and cultural activities for the last 50 years. Initially established to develop and promote the relations of friendship between the peoples of Pakistan and America, it has achieved a pioneer status in language teaching and cultural promotion. The mission of PACC is to provide quality English language teaching and cultural understanding to students who are looking for career development and personal growth and has been a part of this endeavor since 1959. It has always had a reputation for delivering outstanding quality in education and events. Our students actively learn and "live English" and experience the culture through events and special gatherings. At PACC, We welcome students of all ages and all levels from beginner to advanced depending on their individual standing. PACC offers a wide range of language and cultural training courses. Students and Members are warmly welcomed to join us in the curricular, co-curricular and cultural events happening through out the year.

How do the centers operate?


Each center is administered by an officer in charge who reports to the Directors of the language and cultural programs respectively. All the HODs report to the Executive Director in the head office. The Executive Director in turn reports to a board of directors comprising eight Pakistani members and seven American members which acts as the governing body to decide upon and to direct the activities of the organization. These directors are elected every two years from the general membership at the meeting of the general body.

How is it financed?


The PACC is a self-financed organization, which entirely depends on the fees it charges the students of language and cultural training program or organizations hiring the auditorium or other premises. It receives no subsidy from either the US or Pakistani governments or from any philanthropic organizations.

Where is it located?


The PACC operates on three campuses all over Pakistan. Two of our centers are located in Karachi and one in Hyderabad. Our Head office is housed at 11 Fatimah Jinnah Road Karachi where one of our center's i.e. FJR Center is also located.